Centered Wealth is an approach to building wealth which actively values the well-being of the body, heart, mind, spirit, community and world.

Our goal is to build not only financial wealth for our clients, but to enhance the experience of Centered Wealth that comes from connecting one’s life-purpose with financial choices and investment portfolio.

Our financial advisors undertake a 3-part, whole-systems approach in assisting clients to define their unique pathway to Centered Wealth. We find that when a family, individual, small-business or nonprofit puts their own values at the core of their financial planning and investment choices, they become more committed to their own goals. For many of us, knowing we are contributing to a better world, enables us to fully commit to our own success.


Using Your Investments for Good: 5 Steps to Engage in Shareholder Advocacy

Your investments are a powerful tool for enacting social and environmental change, but many of us aren’t using them to their full potential. As investors, we’re partial owners of companies or funds and with that ownership comes the right to have a say in how…

Why I Chose Socially-Conscious Investing

I came into the financial planning field through an unconventional path— that is, not from the world of finance, but from my personal experience of moving money into socially-conscious investments. The fruits of that personal decision motivated me to help others do…

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Nothing in this website should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Such recommendations can only be made after personal consultation. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. While some studies suggest that socially responsible investing may perform as well or better than conventional investing, some other studies suggest that by reducing available investment choices, socially responsible investing strategies may entail higher risks or lower returns than comparable non-SRI investing strategies.

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