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Conscious Purpose


Centered Wealth® is an approach to building wealth which actively values the well-being of the body, heart, mind, spirit, community and world.

Our goal is to enhance the experience of Centered Wealth® that comes from connecting one’s life-purpose with financial choices and investment portfolio.


Proxy voting for the Conscientious Investor

As a conscientious investor, how do you know what to do when you get those shareholder letters in the mail asking you to send in a proxy vote? There are several shareholder advocacy organizations that compile impact data on companies and mutual funds so that...

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A Centered Approach to Gender Lens Investing

Gender lens investing is among the latest trends in impact investing. This approach to investing advocates gender equality for cis and trans girls and women. Recently, a client asked about our approach here at Centered Wealth. Our initial conversation with clients...

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Jina on Impact Investing: a Podcast

For ImpactU Steve Distante interviewed me on my holistic approach to impact investing. Authenticity comes from intrinsic motivation and this is our commitment to Centered Wealth clients who are looking to take action in their own lives with their money. As...

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