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Stuart has played an active role in the Green Private Investment sector of the Sustainable, Responsible and positive Impact (SRI) movement since 2000. He is passionate about building the personal relationships and networks necessary to create meaningful, systemic change in the world of finance towards a more sustainable, life-supporting investment model.

From 2010 – 2014 Stuart served on the drafting committee of the Transforming Finance Group, founded by Hazel Henderson,  which is an initiative to advance deeper integration of the biomimetic principles underlying life with the economic models and tools used for investment decision making. He serves on the Research Advisory Board of Ethical Markets Media in the area of social venture capital and sustainable community development. Having written an article series on SRI and its relationship to the Hero’s journey, Stuart is often invited to speak nationally about the conscious investment process and megatrend drivers behind the growing green economy.

Stuart is also a co-author of Imagining Philanthropy for Life: A Whole System Strategy to Unleash True Love for Humankind (2017).The book explores a new operating system for an expanded model of philanthropy which combines entrepreneurship with a more integrated ethic of giving.

Stuart is an active member of his community and serves as the Board Chair of the Sustainable Living Coalition, a non-profit focused on facilitating community resources to optimize the conditions for growing sustainable communities. He is also the Board President of the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT), dedicated to permanently protecting land to grow healthy food for generations to come.

Since 2011 Stuart has also played the role of adjunct faculty at Maharishi University of Management (MUM), teaching in the Green MBA and Sustainable Living departments on the theme of SRI, Impact Investing, Sustainable Community Development and Transformational Entrepreneurship.

Stuart’s undergraduate degree is in Renewable Energy Systems with a minor in Environmental design from The Evergreen State College. He completed his MBA at MUM in 1986.

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