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Jina’s business career began with developing a successful  import company from the ground up. As she grew her business, Jina saw a need for advisors who understood the complexity and sometimes cyclical nature of financial planning around small business income. She sold her business and set out to become such an advisor.

On the personal front, after winning a battle with cancer in her early twenties, Jina became acutely aware of issues of chemical contamination and the fragile interconnectedness of personal health and the health of our planet. She wrote extensively for local media on topics of consumer action, environmental contamination and the impact of personal choice on the planet. Much like consumer advocacy, the investment choices we make can strongly impact corporate decision-making.

Marrying her two passions, Socially Responsible Investing became a commitment as she grew her financial planning practice. After working as a square peg in the traditional financial services arena for many years, Jina founded Raeheart Financial in 2007, dedicated to offering comprehensive financial planning services with a focus on sustainable, responsible and positive impact investing. In 2010 Jina joined an alliance of SRI advisors and in 2017 she and Stuart Valentine established Centered Wealth to more effectively serve clients in manifesting a healthy and sustainable life and global environment through the organizing power of money, finance and investments.

Jina can be reached at (612) 267-2257 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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