Conscious Investing for Centered Wealth

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Interest in Socially Responsible and Impact Investing has been expanding in recent years. Globally, more money than ever before is being invested with life-giving rather than life-harming intentions. And research is showing that integrating values into the investment process does not harm returns.

However, there is an opportunity that may be missed if this type of investing is not approached in unison with a deeper look into the Self. When money is viewed as the imaginative tool that humans use to exchange energy and create our manifested reality together, the process of Conscious Financial Planning and Investing can then lead to the experience of Centered Wealth. This is where inner alignment and external expression are more in harmony with each other and our interactions with money become more integrated with our full selves.

In this presentation, investment advisors Jina Penn-Tracy and Stuart Valentine, co-founders of Centered Wealth, will be presenting the Centered Wealth Tree model, an integral approach to the financial planning & investment management process. In this model we move from the inner world of the individual into investment in the future we wish to manifest together. Jina Penn-Tracy and Stuart Valentine co-founded Centered Wealth in 2017. Both have practiced Conscious Wealth Management since the early 2000s.